About The Artist: Krista Hawryluk

Krista Hawryluk is a full time photographer and artist, based just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She grew up on a farm and spent most of her summers road tripping with her family across Canada. She almost always had a sketchbook or camera in hand.

It wasn't until later in her life, after the birth of her first child (and a spout of postpartum depression) that she realized that being a creative was in her blood and was her calling in life.

She now has 4 small children who inspire her everyday, and provide her with a whimsical imagination and confidence in herself.

She creates all of the art you see her in her shop, out of her tiny living room studio in her home.

Bit why is it Billie Haus?!

- Krista's middle name (Billie) is named after her father, while her mother's ancestry is german (house in german is haus!). Billie Haus has been years in the making, and she is so happy to finally be sharing her art with the world.

Using organic materials (such as coffee beans), Krista creates artworks on raw canvas